On December 5-6, scientific and practical conference “The modern museum as a source of identity formation” was held in Dmytro Yavornytskyi National Historical Museum on the occasion of Museum’s 170th anniversary.

On September 05, Fifth Annual Conference of the German-Ukrainian Historical Commission “Memories of the Second World War in Germany and Ukraine since 1945”, organized jointly with “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies started in Dnipro.

On May 04, 2019, scientific conference “‘Sobornist’ Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the ‘Great Re-Unification’ of Ukrainian Lands” was held at the Ukrainian Museum (New York, USA). The conference was hrld in a series of “Ukrainian Historical Encounters Series” events the main initiators and organizers of which were Center for US – Ukraine Relations, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Ukrainian Harvard Studios etc.

During November 22-23, the Ukrainian House hosted scholarly symposium within the framework of the International Forum “Ukraine Remembers. The World Acknowledges!” (dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor 1932-33), which gathered hundreds of Ukrainian and foreign scholars studying the Holodomor, teachers, school and university students.

On November 17, the International Scholarly and Educational Conference “Holocaust in Ukraine and Yavoriv: Memory and Warning” (dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liquidation of the Yavoriv ghetto) took place. The event was organized by the Ethnology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, US Peace Corps volunteers in Ukraine and Osyp Makovei Yavoriv Gymnasium named after.