Submission Guidelines

Dear writers,

We will appreciate if you kindly follow the below guidelines regarding typescript requirements.


  • articles — 25,000 – 75,000 symbols;
  • source texts with narration — up to 50,000 symbols;
  • reviews — 10,000 – 75,000 symbols.

The text shall be typed in a text editor compatible with Microsoft Word, font: Times New Roman, 14 pt, line-to-line spacing: 1.5, page margin: 2 cm from any edge, indent: 1.25 cm, alignment: justified.

The text shall be typed in Word Wrap-Around mode. Indents shall be arranged without using space bar or tab key. The tables shall be placed into the text file.

The first and last name of the author shall be stated in the top line on the right, then through line-to-line spacing the name of the article shall be stated (in bold capital letters, centered). After that, an abstract shall be placed in Ukrainian (Russian) and key words, as well as a summary in English (scope: 2,000 symbols). Notes and references shall be in automatic per page mode (font: Times New Roman, 10 pt, line-to-line spacing: 1, alignment: justified) and shall be arranged as per Chicago-Style Citation Standard (15th edition).

A reference shall include the following: the first and the last name of the author (editor/compiler), the name of the publication (the city where it was published, publishing house, the year of publication), page number(s).

References to archive materials shall be arranged as follows:

name of the archive, stockpile, description, dossier, page, name of the file or document (using commas).

After the main text of the article the bibliography shall be given in alphabetical order, without numbering, starting from author's last name.

 At the end of the document a brief biography of the author shall be placed including the following information: the last and the first name, middle name (father's name), academic degree, academic status, place of work and position, academic and scientific interests, the most prominent publications, amd e-mail address.

 Please kindly submit your materials to the following e-mail address of "The Holocaust History Problems: Ukrainian Dimension" journal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.