"Tkuma" Institute implements public cultural and educational projects, including "The Sunday Club", "Dniprovsky Historical Club" and other activities.


On January 19, “Tkuma” Institute historical club, which resumed it’s work live was held. The event was held within the framework of an educational project “Rendez-vous with the Jewish history”, implemented with the support of Limmud FSU Labs.

On July 01, Dniprovsky Historical Club on “Raphael Lemkin and the Soviet policy of genocide in Ukraine” was held by “Tkuma” Institute together with Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine, Fulbright Program in Ukraine and with the support of the project “Holocaust studies in Ukraine for the formation the atmosphere of tolerance”. Key speaker of the event was Dr. Gennadi Pobereƶny, Ph.D., Ukrainian Free University (Germany, Munich), Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (USA), researcher at the Harvard Institute of Ukrainian Studies (USA).

On November 24, within the frameworks of Dniprovsky Historical Club “Tkuma” Institute held a public lecture dedicated to the Holodomor Remembrance Day. The lecture on “The Holodomor in the 1932–33: silence mechanisms” was held by Prof. Nataliia Romanets, Ph. D., –specialist of the Holodomor and Stalinist repression history, professor of the History of Ukraine and Law department of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University. Valentyn Rybalka, “Tkuma” Institute researcher was the moderator of the event.

On June 14, Prof. Serhii Plokhii public lecture on «Chornobyl as a Warning: Nuclear Energy and the Arrogance of Man» was held at “Tkuma” Institute.

On April 17, presentation of a documentary film «Cursed Book. Benjamin Berkovich Diary» about the Holocaust was held at Museum «Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine» within the frameworks of Dniprovsky Historical Club. Yury Horuliov, author, Belarusian filmmaker, «For the spiritual Revival» prizewinner presented the film.