Yom HaShoah (Hebrew: “Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day”) – the Holocaust Remebrance Day – day of commemoration. According to the Jewish calendar Yom HaShoah is held after the sunset of 27th of Nisan (falls in April or May) till the night of 28th. In 2021 Yom HaShoah is held on 8 April.

SCHOOL OF YOUNG GUIDE HISTORYLABS of Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” and Limmud FSU Labs is working. March 21, was another, full of interactive classes, educational day. In addition to the “historical block” itself, psychological and language workshops have started today.

School of Young Guide HistoryLabs – a joint project of Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” and “Tkuma” Institute, which is supported by Limmud FSU Labs – started on March 14! About 30 most motivated participants from Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia – students and graduates of historical faculties of Oles Honchar DNU and ZNU, researchers of Dmytro Yavornytsky National Historical Museum, Museum of the History of Dnipro, Museum of the History of Pilots of the Dnieper rapids, teachers and public figures - came together to learn more about the past of their region, gain new knowledge and impressions and learn an interesting profession guide.

On March 5, the Contract on cooperation was signed between the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University and “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies. On behalf of DNU, the Contract was signed by Acting Rector Prof. Olga Sokolenko, on behalf of “Tkuma” Institute - Dr. Igor Shchupak.

Between the two scientific institutions, according to the fair words of the dean of the historical faculty of DNU Prof. Serhii Svitlenko, the cooperation has been successfully developing for more than 20 years. Interesting examples of cooperation were given by Dr. Yehor Vradii, Deputy Director of “Tkuma” Institute and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”; vice-rector of DNU Prof. Valentin Ivanenko.

Dear friends! The School of Young Guide HistoryLabs from Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” will start its work on March 14, 2021. These days we held a Zoom presentation, during which researchers of “Tkuma” Institute and the Museum shared with the audience all the details of our project. The recording of the broadcast is available on our YouTube channel.