"Tkuma" Institute implements public cultural and educational projects, including "The Sunday Club", "Dniprovsky Historical Club" and other activities.


On February 15, 2015 the regular session of the Sunday University took place and was devoted to the notions of nation, nationalism and patriotism. For a long time these concepts were distorted in the media. Talking about the media we mean the broad context - all the sources where the person can get the information: education, culture, political and cultural discourse, mass-media and TV. As a result, nationalism started to be considered as exclusively negative phenomenon in the political life of society or even was identified with Nazism; while patriotism started to mean loyalty to the authorities or its cultivation, but not love for the Motherland. Public consciousness desperately needs "treatment" that lies primarily in the work with definitions and overcoming stereotypes.

On January 28, within the framework of Dniprovsky Historical Club, joint project of “Tkuma” Institute, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” and Institute of Social Studies, the presentation of “Kholodnyi Yar” movie was conducted. The presentation gathered about hundred viewers. 

Among the viewers there were students, teachers, university professors, public activists, permanent participants of “Tkuma” Institute projects and journalists. We offer you an opinion of Dnipropetrovsk Jewish Community site journalist on the presentation of the movie.

On January 18, next session of the Sunday University was held. However it can hardly be compared with previous ones. The project “Sunday University” has been working over two years, and now it needs changes to continue its existence. Since if there is no development, there is no life.

On November 30, the session of Dniprovsky Historical Club took place. The event was timed to the Holodomor Remembrance Day, which is marked in Ukraine on November 22nd. Lyudmyla Hrynevych, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Head of Ukrainian Center for Holodomor Studies run by Kyiv Mohyla Academy became the guest of the session. Prof. Hrynevych is lead researcher of the Holodomor in Ukraine, head of research projects in Canada, the US and Europe, the author of fundamental research “Chronicle of Collectivization and the Holodomor in Ukraine” in four volumes, the first of which is dedicated to the famine of 1928-1929. The lecturer decided to discuss this little-known famine during the meeting of Historical Club. So the topic of the meeting sounded like “Unknown Famine in Ukraine in 1928-1929”.

On November 16, 2014 the regular session of the Sunday University was conducted. During the meeting Valentyn Rubalka, "Tkuma" Institute Research Associate, revealed the topiv "World War II. The Final Stage. 1944 - 1945".

Among the questions touched:

- Eastern Front;

- Allies' military action;

- World after the war.

The subject caused a lively discussion among the audience.