"Tkuma" Institute implements public cultural and educational projects, including "The Sunday Club", "Dniprovsky Historical Club" and other activities.


On October 19, 2014 the regular session of the Sunday University was held. During the session Valentyn Rubalka, "Tkuma" Institute Research Associate, presented the topic "World War II: Military Actions in the USSR Territory".

Participants discussed military actions in the territory of USSR in 1941-1944 and occupational regime in USSR. During the session participants drew parallels with the current political situation in Ukraine and the world.


The session of the Sunday University was conducted by Oleksandra Leonova, "Tkuma"Institute Head of Research Department, in 21 of Septebmer. The session was devoted to the beginning of World War II and the occupation of Western Europe (attack on Poland, campaign in the West, Battle of Britain).