During August 01–04, educational seminar for teachers organized by “Tkuma” Institute was held in Warsaw. 13 history teachers from different cities of Ukraine became participants of the event. The main part of the educational program was implemented on the basis of Polin, the Museum of History of Polish Jews.

At the beginning of the seminar, a tour of Polin Museum waited for Ukrainian teachers, Mrs.  Yevhenia Nikolaieva conducted the guided tour. Educators had the possibility to get acquainted with the Museum’s concept, its interactive components, with the help of unique exhibits to find interesting facts about Jewish history.

The educational program continued with Polin Museum staff – together with Monika Koszynnska, head of teacher’s programs department and Robert Szuchta, chief specialist in the history and culture of Polish Jews teaching, educators discussed a number of important issues on World War II and the Holocaust history studying and teaching methodology, international relations. Ukrainian teachers shared their own experiences in these topics, presented their methodological developments on optional courses, multimedia projects on various aspects of the Holocaust in Ukraine. Particular attention was paid to the discussion of Polin Museum educational programs for teachers and students on Jewish history and the Holocaust study.