On August 27, August meeting-webinar of leaders of history, law and civic education teachers' associations was held at the Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education. The topic of the event is “Features of subject competences. Methods of attracting informational, educational channels / platforms for perception of visibility in the learning process”. Liudmyla Basilevskaya, head of educational and methodological laboratory of social and humanitarian disciplines of the Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education was the moderator of the webinar.

During the webinar meeting, innovative methods of improving the educational process in general secondary education institutions through improving subject competences features of informational and educational channels attraction for effective formation of content of historical, law and civic education, possibility of online cooperation of history teachers, jurisprudence and civic education with methodical resource online platforms, etc. were discussed.

Iryna Piskarova, head of “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies Educational department and Dr. Igor Shchupak, were invited to participate in educational event. They presented new atlases and author history books. “I was talking about gamification, mixed studies, "inverted class". By the way, exactly within the framework of the "inverted class" methodology, the particular attention is paid to the textbook, which the student has to work independently with. Obviously, this is more appealing when the textbook has QR codes with a variety of tasks, what children will do on their smartphones or computers; short videos and interactive tasks”, – mentioned Dr. Igor Shchupak.