On June 13, Andrii Dostlev and Leah Dostleva exhibition opening devoted to the Holodomor memory was held at Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”.

Andrii Dostlev – artist, photography researcher. From 2012 living in Poland. Participant of exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Italy, Norway, Turkey, etc.

Leah Dostleva – artist, essayist, anthropology of culture. Scholarship of Gaude Polonia. She is working on difficult knowledge and empathy representation researches at the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology of Culture at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Participant of exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands etc.

As artists and researchers, they have been working for a long time on the memory and post-memory topics, analyzed the possibilities of representing traumatic experiences and the experience of vulnerable groups by means of art, realize projects related to the urban space and its mythologization.

The project «I still feel ashamed to throw food away. My grandmother told me about the Holodomor» (2018) dedicated to the Holodomor post-memory. The exhibition was shown at the Small Gallery of Art Arsenal in Kyiv, in Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, has entered the short list of UNSEEN Dummy Award (Netherlands), got the first place in the Ukrainian Dummy Award competition and is currently preparing to print at Rodovid Publishing House.

The presentation of the project was organized in the framework of the Trans-Regional Academy «After Violence. The (Im-)Possibility of Understanding and Remembering”, that gathered on June10-17, 2019 three dozen scientists from 14 countries in Dnipro.