During June 07-08, "Tkuma" Institute and Museum "Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine participated at tourism forum “Dnipro Region Tourism – 2019”, organized in Dnipro on the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration initiative.

The main purpose of the forum is to make Dnipro and the region more attractive for tourists and city residents; think and discuss what we know / do not know about our region, its historical monuments and people, who were born, lived and worked here. And, this is important not only for every museum, travel agency, educational institution, - but also for us, for those, who we are, with which thoughts and feelings we live on the Ukrainian land.

- Meeting with Yohannan Petrovsky-Shtern, historian, philologist, professor of Jewish studies (Northwestern University, Chicago, USA), who presented his book «Shtetl. Golden Era of the Jewish town» was held within the frameworks of the forum. In 2015, for this edition, the professor was awarded with the US National Award for the best book on Jewish history and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

- Participants of the Tourism Forum visited the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”, Iryna Radchenko, researcher held a guided tour.

- Discussion on “Tourist potential: how to make the region attractive?” was held at Museum of Ukrainian Art. Svitlana Ermakova (“Menorah” Center), Anna Kovalchuk (Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency), Anna Koleda ( “Dnipro Development Agency”), Yurii Pasychnyk (“Academy of Tourism”), Volodymyr Vybornyi (Ethnographic Park “Cossack Farm “Halushkivka”), Dr. Igor Shchupak were invited to the discussion. Yurii Bohdanov (advisor to the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration head) moderated the event.

- Also the discussion on “Historic and legendary heritage: cultural and tourist context” was held with the participation of Yohannan Petrovsky-Shtern (Northwestern University, Chicago, USA), Serhii Gromenko (Radio Svoboda), Serhii Zhuk (Ball State University, США), the writer Vitalii Kapranov, Oleksandr Zinchenko TV presenter, historian and writer; Dr. Igor Shchupak was the moderator of the event. Зокрема, Vitalii Kapranov told about the unknown to a wide circle of Dnipro inhabitants pages of of D. I. Yavornytsky life; Serhii Zhuk shared a memories about a jazz club and a disco - one of the best in the former Soviet Union - and about a Student Palace creation; Yohannan Petrovsky-Shtern  and Dr. Shchupak mentioned a psychiatric hospital at Igren’, where during World War II and the Holocaust a large number of patients were killed by the Nazis, and which in the Soviet era turned into a place of massacre with dissidents.

- The next day a discussion on «Dniprovsky multiculturalism» was held. Representatives of different nationalities and denominations became speakers of the discussion: Ramzan Kurbanov, head of the Dnipro Muslim community, Armine Sahakyan, head of the Dnipro Armenian community women's sector, etc. They discussed the history of Tatars, Armenians, Jews of Ekaterinoslav-Dnipropetrovsk-Dnipro and prospects of the ethnic tourism in the region development. Mrs. Armine presented three objects related to the Armenian people, which can contribute to the tourism development: this is, first of all, the largest Armenian church in Eastern Europe – Christ Apostolic Church; this is also Bereznuvativka village of Solone district of the Dnipropetrovsk region, where Serhii Nigoyan, the hero of Ukraine was born; as well as a workshop of the prominent Armenian artist in Kamianske. Mr. Ramzan told the story of the appearance of Muslims in our region, paying special attention to the stories about the former cathedral mosque at the Kherson street, built by Muslims in 1911, and later, in Soviet times, various business premises were located there. Later, instead of a mosque, there was a children's sports school functioning there. Only last year the building was returned to the Muslim community.