August 10 in the walls of the Berdyansk Museum of Local Lore was the presentation of the new book by the director Lyudmila Nozdrina "Repressed generation. Preserving memory". Officials, librarians, teachers, local historians, servicemen were present in the museum. 

A search expedition of “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies took place in Odesa region on August 02-09. It was organized together with partners-historians, educators and enthusiasts who preserve the memory of the past of their land and the tragedy of the Holocaust.

On August 01, last practical lesson within the School of Young guides HistoryLabs – joint project of “Tkuma” Institute and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”, which is implemented with the support of the Limmud FSU Labs was held. The educational guided tour “History of the city step by step” conducted the head of the expositional and exhibition and publishing department of the municipal institution “Museum of the Holodomor resistance” of the Dnipro City Council Valentyn Rybalka.

On August 01, 1914 – the day of the First World War or the Great War beginning, as often called it in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and a number of countries of the world. The civilization conflict actually introduced the arrival of the new 20th century. Despite millions of victims, destroyed cities, villages, and, most importantly, fate people experience war did not become a fuse before future tragedies. After two decades, humanity, with the will of totalitarian dictators and frank indifference to most countries of the democratic world, has grown in another madness – World War II. It surpassed any idea of the boundaries of evil, violence and cruelty.

The School of Young Guides HistoryLabs is coming to the end. On July 25, participants of our project went to the penultimate practical lesson, which was dedicated to the history of the Holocaust in our city.