The theoretical part of the School of the Young Guides HistoryLabs - a joint project of Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine" and “Tkuma” Institute, which is implemented with the support of Limmud FSU Labs - is completed! On June 6, we were happy to welcome our participants at “Tkuma” Institute and Museum.

An educational program for the young guides was rich:

- Researchers Dr. Olena Ishchenko and Valentyn Rybalka organized a museum interactive "About the city and beyond". Focusing on the individual exhibits of Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine", they told how to create a full-fledged tour based on several exhibits;

- Dr. Olena Ponomarenko conducted an English language workshop, during which participants had the opportunity to simulate a variety of situations and dialogues related to tourism;

- a famous local historian, author of many books on the history of our city Valentin Starostin discoursed “The city of forty synagogues”, telling about the spiritual and social life of Jewish population of Katerynoslav of 19 - early 20 century.

And soon the practical part of the educational program of the School of Guides will begin, which will include tours of Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia, acquaintance with the historical monuments of Dnipro, defense of the final projects of future guides.