On May 24, “Tkuma” Institute hosted a presentation of a collection of student scientific works “HISTORICAL STUDIES - FOR THE PRESENT”, which contains the works of the winners and the best works on the history of World War II and interethnic relations of regional stage of the contest of students-members of Junior Academy of Sciences 2020, Department of History. 45 students from educational institutions of the region took part in the contest, 21 participants won prizes.

This is the sixth issue of the Collection of Works, which perfectly illustrates the successful cooperation of our Institute with Junior Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of History of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University; The publication was possible thanks to the joint project of “Tkuma” Institute and Yad Vashem “Holocaust studies in Ukraine for the formation the atmosphere of tolerance”. It is important that for their first research, students often choose topics related to the history of the Holocaust and World War II, the problems of interethnic relations.

Among the works published in this year's collection, young authors address many issues: “Formation of the image of the enemy in the propaganda of Nazi Germany (on the example of posters published at the Reich Commissariat “Ukraine”)” (Vladyslav Varava), “Forced migration of Crimean Tatars as a result of discriminatory policies empire in the late 18 - early 20 centuries.” (Angelina Volkova), "Counter-revolutionaries…" Teachers of German origin - victims of Stalin's terror in Dnipropetrovsk region” (Daria Ponysko), “Anti-religious policy of the Bolshevik government in the 1920s-1930s on the example of the Jewish communities of Katerynoslav-Dnipropetrovsk” (Daria Ryabi).

We sincerely congratulate the students who already have the first scientific publication in their school years! Special thanks to their parents and teachers and supervisors. We thank our regular and reliable partners for fruitful cooperation – Dr. Svitlana Kayuk (Faculty of History, Dnipro National University), Natalia Tyaglo (Head of the Dnipro Branch of Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), Prof. Serhiy Svitlenko (Dean of the Faculty of History of Dnipro National University). We thank Dr. Olena Ishchenko and other colleagues at “Tkuma” Institute and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”, who helped to comply the collection.

We are starting to prepare a new collection of students' scientific works for publication.


All the best!