Easter, or the Resurrection of Christ, is the oldest and most important Christian holiday of the liturgical year. The history of the celebration of Easter began in the days of early Christianity. At that time, the ancient traditions of church pre-Easter services of the "Great Triduum", Easter midnight and morning prayers were born. Christian Passover is always celebrated after the Jewish holiday of Passover.

The date is not fixed for Christians of the Eastern rite and is determined by a decision made in 325 at the First Ecumenical Assembly in Nicaea (modern Turkey). According to it, Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the spring full moon. This year, the Bright Resurrection of Christ falls on May 2. Easter is preceded by Holy Week, when believers remember the Passion of Christ (the main events that took place with Jesus Christ during the last week of his earthly life)… Many traditions, rituals and customs are connected with the holiday, in particular, The tomb of the Lord, which meant his resurrection. The Christian Easter tradition is also to help and help the poor and needy. One of the Easter rituals is Easter painting - the artistic painting of chicken eggs - the personification of the infinity of life. The cult dish is arthos - sourdough bread, Easter cakes and Easter cakes. The food served at the Easter table must be consecrated in the church. Easter for Christians is a time of family unity, faith in the Lord, goodness and light. Congratulations on the holiday! Christ is Risen!