Dear friends! The School of Young Guide HistoryLabs from Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” will start its work on March 14, 2021. These days we held a Zoom presentation, during which researchers of “Tkuma” Institute and the Museum shared with the audience all the details of our project. The recording of the broadcast is available on our YouTube channel.

If you suddenly did not know and did not hear, then HistoryLabs is a unique project created to help those who:

- loves his/her city, town, town, village (and even just a street or alley) and wants to know more about his/her past;

- loves to read and listen to interesting stories;

- not indifferent to books and art;

- does not imagine his/her life without communication and discovering something new.

Every Sunday for six months, students will have the opportunity to learn from well-known historians and regional specialists, professional guides and psychologists, ask questions (and perhaps embarrassingly) to famous writers and cultural figures, learn the most important words in four languages (not only je ne mange pas six jours), and most importantly - will acquire the professional skills of a public historian or professional storyteller.

If you think that being a guide is just about knowing facts and navigating the area, we are ready to convince you otherwise. The guide’s profession is an amazing combination of historian, literary critic, psychologist, administrator, and sometimes a medical worker, driver and several dozen other professions.