During October 31– November 03, International Conference “Limmud Ukraine” held in Odesa. Dr. Igor Shchupak was one of the presenters, who read several lectures on history for the conference participants – guests from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, USA.

During the lecture on “The price of Jewish life during the Holocaust” the lecturer relied not only on the eyewitnesses memories of the Jews rescue, but also on archival documents: materials of the Extraordinary State Commission for Detecting and Investigating the Crimes of the Nazi Invaders; Ukrainian students school works collection about life under occupation, in particular – from the State Archives of Odesa region. Special attention was paid to the materials of the Nazi courts, who persecuted the Ukrainians “for Jews hiding”. There were many questions, impressions, reflections; listeners shared their memories and thoughts about what they wanted to pay attention to.

One more lecture was on “Games, anecdotes, multimedia in new generation textbooks ...”, where important problems of school history education and education in general: its real goals and results, student motivation and “specialization” were discussed.