On August 02, a meeting on the creation of a new NGO – “Museums and Dnipro Galleries Association, – which plans to bring together in its circle museums not only in our city but also in neighboring regions, was held at D. Yavornytsky Dnipropetrovsk national historical museum.

The purpose of the Association is to pool the resources of the museums, which will be part of it to provide competitive cultural services, to join international museum associations and gain more weight there, as well as to enhance the tourist attraction of Dnipro.

D. Yavornytsky Dnipropetrovsk national historical museum, Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” (Dnipro), Museum of Ukrainian Arts and Technical Museum “Time Machinesв” represented by their вшкусещкы: Yulia Pischanska, Tetiana Shaparenko, Dr. Igor Shchupak, Serhii Burbelo and Mykhail Prudnikov became the founders of Museums and Dnipro Galleries Association. Myroslav Zhukovskyi, deputy director on scientific work of the Nikopol Museum of Local History was also presented at the meeting. Any museum in the Dnipro region can become a member of the Association.

Participants of the meeting discussed organizational, legal, financial issues, strategy of future organization, international experience of museum associations, raised questions about private museums.

Dr. Igor Shchupak told about international museum associations that a new organization could become a member of. He also suggested to involve the Dniprovsky Historical Seminar, created at the initiative of “Tkuma” Institute in the association, which can be used as a meeting place for discussing museum issues and a form of Association work. Moreover, the director of the Holocaust Museum proposed to create a national cultural calendar and told about the work of the Museum's researchers on the map of Dnipro city with national monuments.

In the further plans of the Association founders is to make its state registration and fruitful work to achieve the set goals and objectives.