Note: Holocaust in Dnipropetrovsk / Y. Vradii, V. Rybalka, M. Strilchuk, D. Shatalov; gen. ed. I. Shchupak. Dnipro: «Tkuma» Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies, LIRA, 2017. 256 p.

Category: Scientific Publications

Editor: "Tkuma"

Pages: 256

Library: Tkuma Publications

Location: Dnipropetrovsk

Year: 2017

File: 2017_Holocaust_in_Dnipro_for_inet.pdf

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The Holocaust events in Dnipropetrovsk for the first time were reconstructed in detail in the book. Pre-war life of the city's Jews and their tragic fate during the Nazi occupation in 1941-1943 highlighted on a wide documentary basis. During the implementation of «new order» the realization of Hitler's anti-Jewish policy in Dnipropetrovsk was shown and various Jewish – city inhabitant’s survival strategies have been identified. Significant attention is paid to the coverage of today's rescue acts of Jews in Dnipropetrovs'k.

The publication is intended for a wide reader audience.