Category: Other Publications
Editor: EN «Дух и литера»
Pages: 328
ISBN: 978-966-378-217-1
Library: Tkuma Publications
Location: Dnipropetrovsk
Year: 2011
Note: I. Khruslinskaya, P. Tyma. Dialogues of Mutual Understanding: Ukrainian-Jewish Relations. – К.: Dukh i litera, “Tkuma” Institute, 2011. – 328 p.

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The book includes more than 20 collected interviews with historians, philosophers, journalists and public figures from Ukraine and Israel, as well as the most important text fragments of the respondents previously mentioned in the periodicals concerning the Holocaust issue.

This edition is a compilation of the variety of contemporary approaches to historical and cultural relations between the Jews and Ukrainians. All of the texts are intended to give an impulse to overcome the negative stereotypes and to facilitate the awareness about the shared history and historical memory of these ethnic groups.