2016 logo romu for inetThe project “The Tragedy of Roma People and the Memory of It in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Germany” provides for scholarly research of Porajmos history in Ukraine and Moldova and as a result creation and presentation of the mobile exhibition in Ukraine, Moldova, Germany and Poland as well as development of permanent exhibition in Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” in Dnipro.

The research, in addition to direct collecting and processing the information about Porajmos, involves the development of a methodology that will enable us to tell about this tragedy both scientifically in content and vividly and visually in form.

The research is relevant as today the topic of Porajmos is hardly disclosed in school and university history courses. It is virtually absent in the media as well and the general public often do not even know about this genocide.

The project goal is to spread knowledge about Nazi crimes during World War II and promoting tolerance in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and Germany.

The results of the project are:

  • the increment of factual knowledge about the genocide of Roma people and drawing attention to this problem of scholarly and public figures;
  • creation of mobile exhibition “The Tragedy of Roma People: Past and Present”;
  • further musefication of acquired knowledge in the form of creating an appropriate exhibition devoted to Porajmos at Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”.

Creation of both permanent and mobile exhibitions dedicated to Porajmos, will disseminate knowledge about this tragedy among the general population and will be a powerful news hook to draw media attention to the issues of inter-ethnic toleranceWe plan further use of research results in educational, cultural and social programs aimed at creating an atmosphere of tolerance.


The project is possible due to support of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

On November 05, 2017, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” hosted working meeting on the creation of a permanent exhibition dedicated to the tragedy of the Roma people during the Second World War. Research Associates together with Viktor Hukailo, main artist of the Museum, and Pavlo Rakhno, model creator, discussed the concept and variants of the artistic design of the new exhibition. Preliminary sketches for the design of a showcase dedicated to the genocide of Roma were prepared. The exhibition will be located in the “Tragedy of the 20th Century” hall and will organically supplement the existing units.

On October 28, 2017, Valentyn Rybalka, research associate, and Denys Shatalov, deputy head of Museum and Research Department of Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”, visited the All-Ukrainian meeting of collectors, which was traditionally held in Kyiv, in order to find exhibits for new exhibition, devoted to the tragedy of the Roma people during the Second World War. This collection is actually the largest event for collectors of antiques from Ukraine and foreign countries.

The Holocaust Museum and “Tkuma” Institute are establishing cooperation with the Roma community of the Dnipro city and region. On August 04, 2017 negotiations were held with representatives of our city’s Roma representatives on the creation of the exhibition “The Tragedy of Roma people in Ukraine and Moldova” at the Holocaust Museum, as well as on the possibilities for further cooperation.

During December 13-23, 2016 within the framework of The Tragedy of Roma People and the Memory of It in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Germany” “Tkuma” Institute research associates conducted search and research work in archival and scientific institutions of Odesa and Chisinau (Moldova).

On December 5-10, 2016 “Tkuma” Institute and the Holocaust Museum Research Associate Valentyn Rybalka visited Uzhgorod. The visit was aimed at conducting scholarly consultations and search for artifacts for creation of exhibitionThe Tragedy of Roma People: Past and Present at the Holocaust Museum.