On September 29, Ukraine marks the Day of Remembrance of Babyn Yar victims. On the occasion of the 79th anniversary of Babyn Yar tragedy the Final of XVII Creative Works Contest “Lessons of War and Holocaust – Lessons of Tolerance” has started. It was organized by “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Co-chairman of the Jury Raisa Yevtushenko (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine), Dr. Natalia Ostrovska (ZNTU), Iryna Piskareva (“Tkuma” Institute), Dr. Oleg Repan (DNU) made the welcoming speeches and wished the inspiration and success; Dr. Igor Shchupak was present through an online connection.

Students and teachers shared their creative, scientific and search accomplishments today. Among the works that were defended during the first day, in particular, are: quest-tour “Jewish Poltava” (Kateryna Zourab, Elena Moskalenko), Telegram bot “Facts about the Holocaust” (Vladislava Pavlovskaya), sociological study “In the footsteps of Lviv Jews” (Sofia Hryvnyak, Oksana Kovalenko). School stidents presented extraordinary paintings dedicated to AnnaFrank, Ellen Berr and Eva Gaiman (Tatiana Shmalko), the Wannsee Conference (Kristina Ivakhnitskaya), places of extermination of Jews (Sofia Nesterenko, Daria Merzla), and other extraordinary works. All participants had the guided tour in the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”. Researchers Iryna Radchenko and Dr. Olena Ishchenko held the guided tour for the Contest participants.

Today and tomorrow the work of the Contest will continue, and we will have many more interesting and original performances, interactive classes for students and methodical discussions among teachers.