On May 28, 2017 within the session of the Sunday Club “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” organized presentation of the book “Breaking Stereotypes” by Dr. Eli Nacht.

Book by lawyer, scholar, Israeli public figure, Dr. Eli Nacht, reveals the experience of public diplomacy and the work of civil society in one of the most difficult areas – reconciliation of nations and overcoming of religious alienation.

One of the key topics of the book is the Judeo-Christian dialogue and its development. The author shows how the efforts of a few enthusiasts got moving seemingly one of the most difficult topics - the problem of historical memory and the relationship between Jews and Christians (first of all - Protestants) in Israel and other countries. During the session Dr. Eli Nacht told about his personal evolution of opinions and positions in this issue and shows how important it is to work on building bridges between different nations and states.

At the end of the presentation, everybody could get free copy of the book “Breaking Stereotypes” autographed by the author.