On February 24, lecture and presentation of historian Gennady Vinogradov’s (Dnipro Humanitarian University) book was held at "Tkuma" Institute within the frameworks of Dniprovsky Historical Club. The topic of the lecture was «Jewish intellectual sentiments of the Christian Middle Ages». 

During the lecture the researcher emphasized, that the medieval Christian civilization, along with a clear conscious orientation to the ancient state, cultural, etc. inheritance, was genetically associated with the powerful traditions of the Jewish civilization, first of all, in the questions of monotheism and the inclusion of a significant number of Jewish historical and cultural heritage in their own work, monarchical power forms of organization and the corresponding state system, Christian communities, typology of relations of secular and spiritual elites, etc. Moreover, based on the creation of a legal and moral basis with appropriate means of propagating global Christian measures against the Islamic threat, the solution of the contradictions between Catholicism and Orthodoxy constantly set the exemplary (both positive and negative as a warning against unwanted sinful actions) situations or authoritative characters actions from the Old Testament, the sentences of the prophets, etc.
The topic raised the interest among the participants, which evidenced an active discussion and communication with the historian after the lecture.
We would like to thank very much to the lecturer and all the participants for the great lecture!