On July 16, 2017 the session of Dniprovsky Historical Club was conducted. The topic of the meeting was “Leonid Brezhnev and His Era: Politics, Society and the Jewish Question in Ukraine”. The session was held by Prof. Donald J. Raleigh (North Carolina, USA), who presented the notes to his new book – Leonid Brezhnev’s biography. The separate attention was paid to analysis of the foreign policy of the secretary general and his attitude to the “Jewish question”. The event was moderated by Prof. Sergei Zhuk (Ball State University, США).

Donald J. Raleigh – well-known researcher whose scholarly interests are centered on the history of the twentieth century. Among historian’s most famous books – “Provincial Landscapes. Local Dimensions of Soviet Power” (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2001); “Soviet Baby Boomers: an Oral History of Russia’s Cold War Generation” (Oxford University Press, 2011); “Experiencing Russia's Civil War: Politics, Society, and Revolutionary Culture in Saratov, 1917-1922” (Princeton University Press), and others.