On January 26, 2017 session of Dniprovsky Historical Club dedicated to International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held. Luigi Toscano, photographer, director and creator of photo exhibition “Lest We Forget”, became the guest of the session.

Luigi Toscano shared with the Historical Club members the features of project “Lest We Forget” creation. In fact, the project itself started in 2014, when Luigi and his colleagues made the first photos of those who suffered from the Nazism during World War II. Through portraits the author was able to show emotions and difficult experiences of these people. For a year he was meeting with the victims of Nazism in Germany, Ukraine, the United States and Israel in order to make portraits. People from large cities, towns and villages, who during the war became prisoners of ghettos and concentration camps or were sent on forced labor to Germany, were participants of this great project. During the year Luigi Toscano had made more than 200 portraits that were compiled into the album “Lest We Forget”. In Ukraine, the photographer worked in Kyiv and Kyiv region and made more than 60 portraits.

The emotional meeting with people who survived during World War II inspired Luigi Toscano to show photo installation “Lest We Forget” in Ukraine. Ukrainian first saw it in September 2016 in Kyiv during the 75th anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy. By February 6 the exhibition will be opened to the residents of Dnipro.

During the Historical Club Luigi Toscano demonstrated video dedicated to the history of the project creation. The film touched everyone and the audience continued communication with the author after the lecture.