On July 13, the next historical webinar of “Tkuma” Institute and “Orion” Publishing House was held. The topic of the online event was chosen to be extremely relevant – “Was the USSR an empire?? And what then is modern russia?..”.

The speakers of the webinar were Liudmyla Hrynevych, leading researcher of the Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, director of the Ukrainian Research and Educational Center for the Holodomor Studies (HREC in Ukraine), head of the Working Group of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on updating the content of educational programs, doctor of historical sciences, and Dr. Igor Shchupak.

During the dialogue, the participants sought answers to the following questions?

- What were the features of the Russian Empire?

- Was Ukraine a colony during the Russian Empire and the Soviet period?

- Why is the USSR considering an imperial state??

- What is the imperial character of modern russia?

“It is the vision of the imperial essence of the USSR and the imperial essence of modern Russia that helps to understand what we are dealing with today, unfortunately, – Dr. Igor Shchupak. – And to think about what prospects there are in Ukraine next to the last empire of Europe”.

You can watch the video of the broadcast on “Tkuma” Institute YouTube channel.