On February 01, final II (regional) stage of All-Ukrainian contest-defense of research works for Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine students in the section “History” was held at historical faculty of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University.

Dr. Igor Shchupak was a jury member in the section “World History” – together with Dr. Olha Kakovkina and Prof. Svitlana Bobylova. During the defense, the students showed great awareness in the selected topics, ability to discuss and answer the jury questions. “The range of selected topics was very wide, - said Dr. Shchupak. – “Japan under the Tokugawa Shogunate” (Mykhailo Bilokur), “UN in the 21st century: challenges and reforms” (Oleksandr Bezruk); “Arab-Israeli War of 1973” (Yulia Omelchenko); “Kosovo conflict reflection at Jeremy Scahill military report” (Anton Derkach). Some topics were related to the Holocaust, thus, “Tkuma” Institute now has material for a new collection of student work “Historical etudes”, which we publish with the support of “Tkuma” Institute and Yad Vashem joint project “Holocaust studies in Ukraine for the formation the atmosphere of tolerance’. Among these works are “Two images of Nazi Germany in occupied Soviet territory” (Svitlana Dynovska); “Propaganda as a tool for ideological education of youth – on the example of totalitarian political systems” (Oryna Matulevska) etc.”

Vitalii Hait with his work “UNESCO's world heritage in a danger in the Middle East countries risks of confrontation” became the winner of the regional stage of competition-defense. Exactly Vitalii will represent the Dnipropetrovsk region at the finals in Kyiv. We sincerely congratulate the winner!