On November 11, a round-table session “Multimedia and Other Methods of Teaching the Holocaust History and Issues of Tolerance” took place in Dnipropetrovsk. The session was organized by “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”. 18 pedagogues and methodologists have taken part in the event. Erica Fishbein, Claims Conference (Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany) Program Officer has also joined the discussions. In her opening speech she thanked “Tkuma” workers for active educational campaign and called “Tkuma” Institute one of the leading world organizations working on the Holocaust studies.

Round-table was opened by Dr. Igor Shchupak. He stated that involving pupils into world knowledge bank is one of the most important tasks of contemporary education. Using computer system becomes integral part in the study of any subject, including history. “Tkuma” Institute responds to modern challenges, so “Tkuma” Research Associates together with TM “Rozumnyky” have developed multimedia textbook on World history for 11th grade (“World War II”, part 1).

Textbook was developed on the basis of another textbook by Dr. Igor Shchupak and under the author’s guidance. At present multimedia project is being completed and soon will be applied for adoption to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Nevertheless the round-table participants have already received samples of interactive textbooks for approbation at school.

Dr. Oleksandra Leonova, Head of “Tkuma” Institute Research Department, held the presentation of multimedia textbook and workshop on its use. Dr. Leonova demonstrated abilities of the project – soundtrack, stock footage, photos, maps, illustrations, test questions, tasks and tests. 
Round-table participants say that the important achievement of this project is that pedagogues are able to create multimedia lesson by themselves: following the samples, given in the textbook, but with their own content. Pedagogues were suggesting new ideas for improving multimedia – creation of interactive contour maps, insertion of chronology tables and diagrams to the content.
Iryna Piskaryova, “Tkuma” Institute Educational Programs Coordinator, told about organization of search and creative work of the pupils in the course of Holocaust history study, including “Tkuma” educational programs which pupils can participate in. The most popular among such programs is Annual International Contest of Creative Works, which attracts attention of pupils and students to the Holocaust studies for many years now. Iryna Piskaryova demonstrated the audience the works of this year’s Contest winners, which impress with their deep knowledge of the subject, creative approach to the idea of covering and high emotionality.
The last part of the round-table program was dedicated to the very discussion of teaching the Holocaust history and issues of tolerance.