On November 22, Ukraine commemorates victims of the Holodomor. At this day a range of mourning events took place in Dnipropetrovsk. One of them was held by Armenian community of the city.

People of Armenia are keeping pain from the tragedy in their hearts and memory for about 100 years. The tragedy which later on was determined by the international legal act as “Genocide – a crime against humanity”. They share the pain of the Ukrainian people, because they’ve lost millions of compatriots. The aim of holding the event was, first of all, to honor the memory of people, who became victims of terrible and inhuman actions of bloody regime. The event is organized by Grigor Lusavorich, Armenian Church and “Varduhi” Armenian Cultural Center with the support of D. Yavornitsky Historical Museum, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” and the Museum “Literary Prydniprovya”.

In official press-release it is stated that: “This event, as well as other events of “Varduhi”, has no political goals. According to organizers this human tragedy should not be considered in political context, which turns lost human destinies into the subject of dirty political speculations. Each human is capable of sympathy for other human’s misfortune. Our aim is to render truthful information on these terrible events and to touch people’s hearts”.

The lecture on the history of the Holodomor by Dilfuza Hlushchenko, Research Associate of “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”, screening of documentary short “Red necklace”; presentation of the book “The Holodomor in Ukraine in a Language of Facts” took place as part of the program as well as the lecture on the Holodomor reflection in the works of Ukrainian writers, given by Iryna Mazurenko, the Museum “Literary Prydniprovya” Researcher; viewing of videostory about Armenian journalist Grant Dink, who had given his life in the fight for recognition of the Genocide of Armenian people in Osman empire. This event proves that Ukraine is on the right way to build democratic, tolerant society. Armenians, Jews, other nationalities honor the memory of the Holodomor victims, as well as Ukrainians honor the memory of victims of Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust. Because there’s no someone else’s pain…