On May 26, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” signed a cooperation agreement with one of the leading universities in Ukraine and our city, the University of Customs and Finance. Currently, more than 5,000 students from all regions of our country study at this university.

By the way, the University has a unique Museum of Customs with fascinating artifacts. In addition - permanent exhibitions of paintings and works of art, a unique numismatic collection, as well as a collection of customs uniforms around the world etc. We are extremely grateful for the impromptu tour of the University and its Museum to Rector Dr. Dmytro Bocharov, First Vice-Rector, Professor Viktor Chentsov, Professor Konstantin Kolesnikov and Professor Oleg Morozov.

The signed cooperation agreement provides for a number of areas of cooperation. From this coming year, this summer the students of the University will undergo a museum internship at Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”; it is planned to involve researchers of Museum and "Tkuma" Institute in conducting lectures for students of the University; holding joint educational activities; cooperation at the museum community of Dnipro.