On November 23, 2016 within the project “See Ukraine with Your Own Eyes” “Tkuma” Institute and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” welcomed group of civil society activists from Russia. The project is organized by Russian Center “The Image of the Future” in cooperation with Internews Ukraine. 

During a visit to Dnipro guests visited the Holocaust Museum and joined the guided tour through its exhibition conducted by Dr.Iegor Vradiy, Head of Museum and Research Department. In addition to halls dedicated to the history and culture of the Jewish people, visitors had the opportunity to review exhibition “The tragedies of the twentieth century”, separate unit of which is devoted to the events of Euromaidan, Revolution of dignity, ATO and Russian aggression against Ukraine. The visitors were impressed by the quality of exhibitions and a level of development of the Holocaust Museum.

After the tour, a meeting with Ukrainian civil activists and volunteers was conducted. Participants discussed a wide range of issues related to the current political situation in Ukraine and Russia. In particular, Russian activists were interested in issues of decommunisation in Ukraine, Ukrainian attitude to the Russians, the presence of Russian military forces in the east of Ukraine, etc. The discussion turned to be extremely active and successful due to its participants – Oleg Rostovtsev, Advisor to the Mayor and Board Member of Dnipro Jewish Community; Pavlo Khazan, Deputy of Dnipro regional council, “Fund for National Defense” Chairman of Board; Dr. Igor Shchupak, “Tkuma” Institute and the Holocaust Museum Director; civic activists – participants of “See Ukraine with Your Own Eyes”.