On October 15, 2015 Kyiv hosted Scholarly Podium Discussion "The Second World War: Global Dimension - Ukrainian View". The event was organized by Institute of History of Ukraine of NASU, Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Memorial Complex "National Museum of the History of Ukraine During World War II" and the Public Committee for the Commemoration of Babyn Yar victims. The discussion was attended by 28 participants, speakers and discussants, leading the researchers. Valentyn Rybalka, "Tkuma" Institute Research Associate, was invited To participate in the discussion. He made a presentation on the topic: "Behavior in Conditions of Wars in Ukraine: Comparative Analysis of 1941-1945 and 2014 - ...".

The main thematic areas were: "Historiography of World War II in Ukraine: Content and New Approaches", "Behavior of War Veterans and Their Fate", "The Consequences of War. Registration and Understanding of Human and Material Losses", "Memory of World War II in Ukraine vs War of Memories". Historians discussed new approaches to the identification and resolution of issues related to the study of history and historical memory in Ukraine of World War II.

Based on materials of http://www.schoollife.org.ua