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Editor: "Tkuma"
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Location: Dnipropetrovsk
Year: 2016
Note: Righteous among the Nations: Reference book. – Dnipro: "Tkuma" Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies, 2016. – 224 p.

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The reference book contains well-ordered data on Ukrainian Righteous Among the Nations. For the first time the attempt was made to compile information about the Righteous – residents of Ukraine, who were assigned to the various national lists by Yad Vashem. The information about the place of residence and place of rescue is provided. This data is very important for the analysis of regional peculiarities of the Holocaust. The publication summarizes information concerning social portrait of Ukrainian Righteous (ethnicity, religion, social origin, and professional affiliation), the circumstances of the rescue as well as the fate of a rescuer and rescued.

The edition includes introductory articles by Prof. M. Marynovych and Dr. I. Shchupak dealing with the value of Righteous’ deeds, table “Righteous Among the Nations. Ukraine” and table “Righteous-residents of Ukraine assigned to other national lists”.

The reference book “Righteous Among the Nations” will be useful for historians, graduate students, teachers and all those interested in the history of Ukraine during the Second World War and the problems Holocaust studies.