On January 19, “Tkuma” Institute historical club, which resumed it’s work live was held. The event was held within the framework of an educational project “Rendez-vous with the Jewish history”, implemented with the support of Limmud FSU Labs.

Tkuma” Institute historical club “Rendez-vous with the Jewish history” – it is a platform for open discussions for participants of Jewish organizations of Dnipro and the region, teachers and lecturers of secondary and higher educational institutions, student youth, as well as all those interested in centuries-old Jewish culture.

The educational event speakers were: Dr. Yehor Vradii and Dr. Igor Shchupak. This time they talked about Judaism and Christianity, about the values of the Abrahamic religions, about different Christian denominations, etc.

“Next time we will consider the question of ethnic groups and nations, –Dr. Igor Shchupak mentioned. – We will talk about the differences between Serbs, Croats and … Muslims. So, come and find out interesting facts about history and religions. And if you know –you can share your thoughts”.

Topics for future discussions will include a wide range of issues related to the history of Jewish communities in the city, region and Ukraine.; development of Jewish culture in Ukrainian lands and its influence on all-Ukrainian and European culture; topical issues of relations between Ukraine and the State of Israel, problems of xenophobia and anti-Semitism in the modern world.