The thirteenth International Inter-religious Youth Seminar “The Ark-2018” was completed. It lasted from July 2 to 10. As usual, representatives of Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish and Crimean Tatar youth, organized in four groups, became participants of the event.

The main part of the seminar program was held at monastery of the Roman Catholic Church in Bilshivtsi village (Ivano-Frankivsk region). Traditionally, everything started with integration training, which united the participants and gave them the opportunity to learn more about each other in a casual gaming atmosphere.

Scholars and public figures have participated in the organization of the training program of the seminar. Among them – Alim Aliev, Joseph Zisels, Dr. Olha Kyryliuk, Myroslav Marynovych, Dr. Oleh Pavlyshyn, Dr. Olena Soboleva, Murat Suleymanov, Justyna Chrzanowska, Dr. Igor Shchupak and others. According to “The Ark tradition”, all sessions were conducted in an interactive format; the communication of the seminar participants with the lecturers was not limited to the educational rooms – it continued in an informal atmosphere: during the cup of tea, near bonfire, in the monastery cells.

The seminar is especially vivid due to national cultural presentations. Each group has a day to represent the culture of their people. Traditionally, the seminar included educational guided tours. This year, the participants visited the Polish city of Oswiecim, where during the Second World War, the Nazi concentration camp and the “death camp” Auschwitz-Birkenau operated.