On November 1, an online seminar for history teachers and methodologists of Odessa region was held. It was organized by “Tkuma” Institute together with the Odessa Academy of Continuing Education. Iryna Piskariova, the head of the educational department of “Tkuma” Institute, and Dr. Igor Shchupak were invited to make reports-presentations on topical issues of school education.

During the educational seminar new model programs and calendar-thematic planning for history and civic education lessons were discussed, as well as involving students in the learning process. Particular attention was paid to the analysis of modern approaches to well-known historical events and phenomena, the multimedia capabilities of paper history textbooks. Dr. Igor Shchupak presented new textbooks on world and Ukrainian history, which were created by leading scientists and creative teachers from different regions of Ukraine. Workbooks and historical atlases published by “Orion” Publishing House were also presented, which will help students better master their knowledge of history.

In November some online seminars will be held for teachers of Odesa and other regions, organized by “Tkuma” Institute and partners.