“Tkuma” Institute and “Orion” Publishing house continues to conduct online lessons for teachers, school and university students. Thus, on May 22, at the invitation of teacher-methodologist Ruslan Garat, an interactive lesson was held for students of Kolomyya Economic and Legal Vocational College of Kyiv State University of Trade and Economics. Dr. Igor Shchupak conducted the lesson.

During the seminar there was a lively dialogue on topical issues on history: the totalitarian regime and the ideology of Nazism and racism; essence of genocide and its examples: from the Holodomor and the Holocaust – to Russia's genocide in Ukraine. “Of particular interest was the life of the author of the Concept of Genocide Raphael Lemkin: it turns out, and one purposeful person can change a lot in the world even without the support of powerful states or organizations, – Dr. Shchupak mentioned. – We continue to accept orders from colleagues for educational classes and seminars. Because, the war of ideas and values determines what is happening around us ”.