Congratulations to the winners of XVI Contest of Creative Works “Lessons of the War and the Holocaust – Lessons of Tolerance”

During September 26-28, the final stage of XVІ International contest of creative works for school, university students, postgraduates and teachers “Lessons of the War and the Holocaust – Lessons of Tolerance”, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies was held in Dnipro. Among 250 creative works, which were sent to the Contest this year, only 50 became the finalists. The winners are:

Students, postgraduates:

Diploma of I Degree:

Yana Kostryhyna, Tetiana Shmalko (Dnipro)

“View into the Abyss” (painting)

“The History of the Unconquered” (painting)

(creative work)

Dnipro State College of Construction and Installation Technologies and Architecture

Diploma of II Degree:

Tamara Mandych (Kherson)

The Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Kherson: genocide verbalization in the memories of witnesses

(research work)

Kherson state university

Anastasia Datsyuk (Ostroh, Rivne region)

The study of Ostarbeiters everyday life from the Rivne region through the lens of their personal correspondence (1941–1944)

(research work)

Rivne Economic and Law Lyceum (currently, the student of Ostroh Academy)

Diploma of III Degree:

Kateryna Zourab, Stanislav Suprun (Poltava)

Virtual guided tour and interactive map “The Jewish History of Poltava”

Poltava Polytechnic College

Kateryna Akopyan (Nizhyn, Chernihiv region)

“Remember, do not forget, remind”

(creative work)

Nizhyn Gogol State University


Diploma of I Degree:

Yevhen Mazur, Maryna Mazur (Transcarpathian region)

  1. “The Millennium Hunger”.
  2. “The Hungry Conscience”, a theatrical performance for older students

(pedagogical skills)

Head of the “Melpomena” theater studio of the District Center for Extra-curricular Education of the Pre-Pre-school secondary school, teacher

History teacher of Mizhhirskya specialized secondary school I-III degrees

Diploma of II Degree:

Liudmyla Humeniuk (Lityn, Vinnytsia region)

Methodological textbook “The Holocaust topic during the teacher’s extra-curricular work”

(pedagogical skills)

Lityn secondary school № 1, deputy director on educational work

Iryna Fridman (Kyiv)

“Consistency of Babyn Yar memory: yesterday, today, tomorrow”

(Pedagogical skills)

Teacher of the history and traditions of the Jewish people secondary school № 41, Kyiv

Diploma of III Degree:

Valerii Nehmatov (Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk region)

Literary and musical composition ‘Kadish: Street to the sky …”

(pedagogical skills)

Teacher of Sievierodonetsk secondary school № 20

Andrii Mahaletskyi, Kateryna Mahaletska (Zhytomyr)

“The history of ХХ с. Genocide”

(pedagogical skills)

History teacher of secondary school №21

History teacher of Zhytomyr city high school №3

School children

Diploma of I Degree:

Polina Torubarova (Kupiansk, Kharkiv region)

The latest history. Political Association

An intellectual game “Mind control”

(creative work)

Kupiansk secondary school № 6, 11 form

Diploma of II Degree:

Yuliia Nykolenko (Zaporizhzhia)

The Holocaust through the teen’s eyes

(creative work)

Zaporizhzhia multidisciplinary lyceum № 99, 10 form

Anastasia Lysak (Dnipro)

By the Babyn Yar roads. Places of execution of Dnepropetrovsk civilians. Interactive map.

(research work)

Secondary school № 62, 10 form

Diploma of III Degree:

Oleksii Naumenko (Lysychansk, Luhansk region)

Defenders of the Motherland – participants of the anti-terrorist operation in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, volunteers, Maidan activists

(research work)

“Lysychansk specialized school of І-ІІІ grades №8”, 9 form

Anastasia Pavkovych (Rivne)

Calendar 2020 “Diplomats – Righteous among the Nations”

(creative work)

Rivne classical gymnasium “Prestige”, 11 form

Special awards:

Diploma for the original embodiment of creative ideas

Valentyna Obodovska high school № 7 history teacher, Odesa and student of Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University

Katwryna Bednaryk (joint work)

Reflection sketches on the same topic “Three days about the Holocaust and another poetry’

Diploma for introducing new historical sources to the scientific circulation

Каріна Болдін (Vinnytsia region)

International assistance in times of tragic trials of World War II

Samohorodska secondary school, 11 form

Nelly Nemyriyk (Opishnya, Poltava region)

We should remember it ...

Teahcer of State specialized boarding school of art of І-ІІІ grades “College of Arts in Opishnya” named after Vasyl Krychevsky

Diploma for a new format of creative work

School students Oleksandr Lytvynov, Vladyslava Pavlivska (Kharkiv)

RAP as an instrument for debate

Instagram as a space of tolerance

Students of Kharkiv of specialized school of І-ІІІ grades № 80

Diploma for the best creative work

Svitlana Predko, Cyrylo Boiko (Dnipro)

The composition “The Light of hope”

Syudents of National technical university, the Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical University

We would like sincerely congratulate the winners! Please note that all contestants who have submitted their works this year will soon receive participants' diplomas.